Design Asia Student Design Competition (SDC) is a platform which offers students across Singapore the opportunity to commercialize their creative work and a chance to connect with people from the design industry. The competition received a total of 68 entries from 7 institutions.

After going through 2 rounds of judging, the 6 winners who will be moving into the final round are as shown below. The 3rd and final round of judging will be conducted in 2 parts. The first segment is open for all to participate as judges through the Public Voting form. The second segment will be overseen and judged by 5 industry professionals on the 23rd of November 2021.

But why wait? Support your favourite artist right here and now by browsing through their products displayed here! After looking through all the products our 6 talented finalists have worked on, you can then click on the link below and rate the products on a scale of 1-10 to support your  top 3 favourite artists. Make sure to check in with Design Asia 2021 on 24/25th November 2021 to find out who is the winner of the Design Asia Student Design Competition 2021!

DogOo, Chen Jiawen

DogOo is a product designed to help build a sustainable lifestyle between both pets and their owners by cooling the pet’s internal temperatures without wasting energy. How so? Well, it is a common phenomenon all across the globe that pet owners often leave the air-con and fan running for their pets who are alone at home. However, the pets might not feel the breeze produced at all. Instead, it leaves your pet dehydrated rather than comfortable. Not to mention, leaving the air-con and fan on the whole day would create energy wastage. With DogOo it allows pets to cool themselves down by licking this thermos flask which can maintain up to over 8 hours of cold water!

Khong Guan Living Gallery, Asher Ong

Khong Guan Living Gallery is located at Dempsey Hill, a Colonial British Army barrack in the southern part of Singapore. This space is designed to integrate both the Expat and Local communities together through the Living Gallery. Living represents the various core living facilities. Meanwhile, the Gallery represents the multipurpose cross-cultural exchange spaces where events, exhibitions and performances can be held during the weekends. It is an enclosed community space so multiple windows were created to allow sunlight to bleed in. However at night it transforms into a landmark, becoming a lightbox on top of the hill.

Mods, Guo MengYang

MODS is a table partition designed to bring the Distii Co-working space (a membership based co-working space located in Raffles Plaza) to the next level. The design concept is based on the traditional style of Chinese paintings called 山水 (shān shuǐ) which depicts natural sceneries such as mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Meanwhile, Distii Co-working space has a strong Chinese contemporary style hence this design brings these 2 concepts together by having wood bent into curves representing mountains. Not only is this piece pleasing to look at, it has various functions such as a filing system, a black writing board and even a magnetic note board!

Pot, Lin Lan

POT | 回 is a kitchen utensil product designed to help solve the fear people have of being scalded by hot oil. It achieves this by having a round opening in a regular big lid, equipped with a small lid and an open button. That way, the small lid can open to allow the user to stir the ingredients without missing the best time to stir. Meanwhile, the big lid will act as a shield to block hot oil from splattering. It also helps the grease and heat to travel upwards, reducing the issue of kitchen grease pollution. Because the whole process of stir-frying does not require the entire lid to be opened, it helps reduce energy consumption.

Portable Privacy, Zikri Hajhari

Portable Privacy is a product that allows people to create their own personal space when working in public. In Singapore, there is a culture which heavily emphasizes studying and working. This can sometimes feel like a routine, so people enjoy working outdoors. However, the outside environment cannot be controlled and may not be conducive for work. As such this design allows people to create a conducive space for working anywhere and everywhere. The product is inspired by pop-up books, where it opens up by itself without the use of nails or hinges and is light, portable and durable.

The Crack, Iris Wang Zhuo

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen’s 《Anthem》

The Crack is a co-living space for people to appreciate Asian food and tableware culture, by learning knowledge as well as practicing crafting skills. Inspired by the quote above and by kintsugi, a very ancient and traditional repair technique originating from the Tang dynasty in Japan. This space was designed to be a crack in people’s busy and “perfect” life. It’s a crack to let them stop and breathe,  to experience in this space, a crack to let the light get into their work, their lives and experiences. This whole space is designed to surround a hollow area which cuts through the space as a “crack”. 

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